About Me

A Love Affair with Honey was started because I have so many ideas and thoughts in my head and nowhere to put them.  I needed to share all of the “non-mainstream” things I do, like buying food from the farmer’s markets, making everything from scratch (yes, I make everything from food, to house cleaners, to toothpaste) like fermenting veggies, making coconut water kefir, and much more!  It’s my passion and I am constantly talking about it and sharing with my friends and family the new and exciting things I learn.  I created this blog to get the word out that what we put in and on our bodies DOES make a Difference.

We can actually HEAL ourselves with food

Depression, ADHD, various behavioral issues, allergies, asthma,
eczema, hyperactivity, Celiac Disease, and Autism have all reached epidemic proportions.  I have been helping families and my own son who has digestive issues, for the past five years…..simply with Nutrition.

I am in no way a writer, but I do have a passion for what I do. I
am a mother and wife, a yoga teacher, an Autism Hope Alliance Hero, and a holistic food coach for individuals, familes, and children with special needs.  I have hands-on experience and extensive knowledge in organic cooking, fermented foods, Raw foods, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, GAPS diet, and eating GFCF.

I talk about real unprocessed food, the truth about healthcare and vaccinations, toxins, and natural parenting . This is my passion and I will never stop sharing what I know with the world….The TRUTH…!!!

I will be posting lots of great information to help you, such as recipes, the real truth about food, toxins in our environment, and lots more!

I welcome and would love to hear your comments.

Enjoy my site!


I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind.  On my blog I give recipes and information from my own personal experience.  In no way is the content of this blog meant to be used as medical advice.

If you are considering following the SCD, GFCF, the GAPS diet or any similar diet, please consult a medical professional before making any changes.


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